Welcome to our site

Welcome to Domestic Wildness. Our hobby is breeding purebred Bengals since 2010. Our cattery lies in Dendermonde, Belgium, which provides us four nests of kittens a year. Our aim to specialize in health,character and appearance features. Enjoy surfing our site.

Our animals

Our Bengals are treated by veterinarian De Meander Laarne. They are tested on HCM, FIV, PKD and Felv. All cats and kittens have been vaccinated for Chlamydia, Leucose, cat distemper and flu. We also provide them an outdoor cattery, where they can enjoy life to the fullest. Kittens for abroad have been vaccinated for Rabiës, have a European passport and chipped. All our Bengals have a TICA pedigree.

Our breeding aims

We specialise in three main features

  • Character: We mainly select cats with a stabile character : being social, friendly and human-minded. Aggressive or intolerant cats, are not selected for breeding, despite their good health and features of appearance.
  • Health: Due to intensive testing on inhereted disorders, we enlarge the chance of healthy kittens being born.  The origins of our cats is spread over several countries, minimizing the risk of inbreeding, and enhancing the breed by creating a perfect bloodline.
  • Appearance: These breeds of cats are especially bred because of their beautiful and luxurious features.  Due to our efforts and enhancements where needed, the breed is unchanged and kept impeccable for generations.

Breeding these cats is much more just than putting cats of the same breed together, let them mate and apply for a bloodline. That is why we take our cattery very serious and take into account all possible features of the cats.