Bengals should not eat from the kitchen table. It leads to diarrhea and the intestinal flora will get affected

  • Dry nutrition is allowed to be at their disposal all day. Due to the Bengals ‘ sensitive digestion, we advise dry nutrition from a specialised brand instead of a cheap alternative. When a kitten (at the age of 10 months) switches from kitten to adult nutrition, the switch should be introduced gradually. Apply a few more adult pellets each day to the old pellets, for the digestive system to adapt.
  • Bengals may eat wet nutrition, but only as a little snack and not daily. Again we advise a better quality brand.
  • Bengals adore fresh meat. If you want to offer them raw meat , go for beef. Boiled chicken or fish is also allowed. Never offer Bengals raw chicken or pork!

Bengals only drink water. Never offer them milk, because they are lactose-intollerant.