Legislation in Belgium

When it comes to keeping a Bengal as a pet or companion, legislation is very important. Each Bengal needs to be sterilised or castrated ( 1 Sept. 2014) at the age of 13 weeks. Once recovered from this surgery, they can leave the cattery to live with the new owners
Furthermore, all cats need to be chipped and registered in a central databank called CatID. (1 Nov. 2017)
Breeding F1, F2, F3 and F4 generations of Bengals is forbidden by law in Belgium. Breeding is only allowed from F5 generations onwards. In our cattery we legally breed F7 generations.
It is obliged to provide alle Bengals (kittens too) with a DNA-passport including a parental verification. A small sample of suliva will be sent to a genetic laboratory to certify this DNA-passport