Bengals are naturally dependent, curieus, playful, active and intelligent. They prefer structure and regularity
Bengals are very communicative and love to produce specific sounds to show they are part of your family. They love to follow you around. Whenever a new household product is introduced in the house or changed have been made, they will notice.
Bengals are not easily frightened and are very energetic. Don’t ignore good advice : raise and educate them. You can perfectly train them. They quickly learn what is allowed and what’s not. This doesn’t imply you need to learn them the hard way. An assertive and imperative ‘no’ will soon be interpreted correctly. To play fetch is a game they easily learn and in which they easily excell : their endurance will triumph over yours.
Some Bengals love water and will gladly join you in your bathtub or shower. In the evening they love to be cuddled or simply accompany you under the blankets