Sales conditions

General information about Bengal kittens
Our kittens are raised in our home, and leave the nest at the age of 16 weeks, on to a new adventure with their new family. They are injected twice, dewormed thrice and have a European passport. They are also provided with a TICA pedigree

The kittens are raised inside our house,  to get them used to daily noise, and to teach them that these noises and that people are no  threat. We believe that beside appearance, character is also important, that is why we raise them with a lot of love, care and attention. When interested in one of the kittens, one will be notified about the kitten’s evolution, and pictures will be taken and handed over when the kitten leaves the nest.

All kittens are sold under contract. Kittens who will be kept as pet (not as object of breeding) are sold castrated. For more information about breeding plans or kittens, please contact us.

Terms of conditions:
Option: Taking an option, means you are interested in a kitten. An option is not a binding contract.  It is possible that there is another potential buyer, but the one who has taken an option first, has priority
Reserved: A kitten is reserved when a deposit is paid. The kitten is then no longer available for other interested buyers.  If for any reasons the buyer withdraws himself from the contract,  there will no refund of the deposit. If Domestic Wildness withdraws themselves from the contract, the deposit will be refunded.
Sold: The kitten is sold and handed over to its new family  when all terms of conditions and full payment are completed .